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We are a green building supply showroom and design center offering a full array of products and services to make your home eco-friendly.  Whether you are remodeling, redecorating, or simply want to live a cleaner life and use less energy in your home, 'g' has all the answers as well as knowledgeable designers to put these ideas to work for you.



Eco by Cosentino

Eco by Cosentino - Recycled glass, metals, mirror, crystallized ash, porcelain, stone and corn. A delicate palette of earth tones to compliment your kitchen, bath or hearth. Suitable for use as flooring as well.

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kitchen counter tops made with bio-composite surface made with 100% post-consumer recycled paper

Paperstone - Paperstone is an FSC-certified environmentally sustainable bio-composite surface made with 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Its manufacture takes far less energy and uses renewable resources unlike traditional materials. Great for counter and table tops.

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paper-based fiber composites used for a variety of architectural, food service, recreational and industrial applications Richlite - a premiere manufacturer of paper-based fiber composites used for a variety of architectural, food service, recreational and industrial applications. All Richlite® materials are manufactured out of environmentally sustainable resources harvested from certified managed forests in North America. Great for counter and table tops.
Recycled Glass Countertops

Recycled Glass Counter and Table Tops – Hand Made in Massachusetts using layers of recycled tempered glass.  A selection of colors.  Made to Size.  Quoted upon request.

Craft-Art Wood Countertops - Reclaimed Wood and Bamboo counters. The reclaimed woods come from barns, warehouses, and other commercial buildings as well as pickle and vinegar barrels, and each have a unique look and finish. The bamboo comes from a sustainably harvested rain forest and is available in several beautiful tones and finishes. Both offer a warm and welcoming counter surface suitable for any style kitchen or bath. Also excellent for home office and entertainment surfaces.

countertops made with eco-friendly terrazzo with recycled content

Eco-Terr - Eco-Terr is an eco-friendly terrazzo with recycled content which comes in tiles and slabs. This versatile material creates a modern contemporary look and can be used in a variety of applications from residential to light commercial.

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Evergreen Slate Company Evergreen Slate Company - We offer a full array of Vermont and Welsh slate colors in a variety of sizes and textures, providing varied architectural effects which contribute greatly to the appearance and beauty of any building. All kinds of surfaces can be created from structural slate including sinks, countertops and backsplashes.

Vetrazzo - The original recycled glass countertop in bold and dazzling colors and combinations.


Arborite - This versatile product provides a quick and easy way to update your tired countertop without re-doing your kitchen. Arborite laminate is yet another option in the realm of green kitchen remodels.

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Verdicrete - Sealed concrete countertop and table surfaces. Color matches and integrated sinks available.

Curava Curava - Adding to the line-up of recycled glass and concrete surfaces, the latest entry, Curava, offers some beautiful colors and great pricing.  Flecks of contrasting colors are imbued into these 1.25" surfaces, providing visual interest and depth. Perfect for any bathroom or kitchen application, on shower surrounds, vanity tops and counters. The surface is easy to maintain, is heat, scratch and stain resistant and Curava comes with a 10 year warranty.

Torzo Surfaces - US manufactured sustainable surfaces that are ideal for high wear residential and commercial applications. Product applications for these surface products, which are manufactured from agricultural by products and recycled wood materials, include countertops, tabletops, tiles, vanities and flooring. In addition, Torzo Surface product can be used for vertical applications such as paneling, dividers and cabinets.  Currently, Torzo has five different lines of sustainable surface products, all made from sustainable composite board materials.

Trend Q - recycled glass surface which can be built to fit right on top of your old countertop.  It can also be installed over plywood as a new surface and great for a backsplash too. Cost effective, quick installations.  Made of post-consumer and post-industrial recycled product consisting of recycled glass, granite, and porcelain in a non-toxic resin.
Squak Mountain Stone Squak Mountain Stone - An environmentally-friendly fibrous-cement material comprised of recycled paper, recycled glass, and low-carbon cement. Material is hand-cast into "slabs" as an alternative to natural or quarried stone. Resembles soapstone or limestones. The Squak slab, originally conceptualized and designed for use in kitchens and baths, has been used in so many other ways: such as benches, tabletops, hearths, stairways, and signs.
Trinity Glass Products Trinity Glass Products - Trinity Glass Products are individually handcrafted composite surfaces made from recycled glass and low-carbon cement. The surfaces are used for countertops, tabletops, wall cladding, exterior surfaces and more. Offering the polished look of granite with earthy, muted colors and small particulates, Trinity satisfies the desire for a natural stone appearance without the negative environmental impacts.
Okite Okite - Okite lights up kitchens, dining areas, bathrooms or any other area of any hospitality, healthcare or other commercial projects. It's a unique compound of resin and up to 93% natural quartz, one of the toughest and most naturally attractive of all minerals. OKITE® is highly heat, stain and scratch resistant and is extremely durable – five times stronger and more durable than granite – and non-porous. It never needs sealing.
Eco-Wood Counters butcher blocks Eco-Pro Wood - Cost-effective chopping blocks and countertops available in Walnut, Cherry, and Teak. Functional, beautiful warm hardwoods are a great alternative to granite. Tops come sealed and oiled; also available unfinished, sanded smooth. One piece front edge available. LEED qualifiying-sustainable.
Beachstone Beachstone - Beachstone countertop products are the first in Maine to be made of recycled glass and seashells. Beachstone products are made from highly recycled content (85% by weight) which helps divert post consumer glass and pre-consumer seashells from landfill deposits. Beachstone countertops are very durable and easy to maintain. Beachstone surfaces come presealed with an acid proof sealer which keeps staining out.




Canyon Creek Cabinets "Green" land-use, manufacturing and construction strategies Canyon Creek - Canyon Creek produces quality products and has a history of being an environmental leader in the wood products manufacturing industry.  "Green" land-use, manufacturing and construction strategies help reduce energy consumption, environmental impact and depletion of natural resources.

Since 1990, Canyon Creek has become increasingly green by focusing on energy/resource conservation, air quality, sustainable products, recycling and manufacturing-waste management and reduction.

Young Furniture - Young Furniture produces premium unfinished cabinetry and furniture for both residential and commercial applications. From kitchen and bath cabinetry to conference tables and credenzas, their premium products are handcrafted to meet your unique needs. Nothing is mass produced. Young Furniture offers exceptional value in FSC certified custom cabinetry and furniture for both residential and commercial applications. A new paradigm, unlimited choice, exceptional value, environmentally responsible.

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custom cabinetry designs made from FSC certified woods

Custom Cabinetry - Look to us for custom cabinetry designs made from FSC certified woods that are as eco-friendly as they are aesthetically pleasing. Come to our design showroom and we’ll help you design them from scratch or work from design ideas you might already have.




Richelieu - A wide variety of kitchen accessories, finishing and decorating products, functional hardware, closet and kitchen storage solutions - high quality, competitive pricing and ergonomic designs for style and finish in any decor.

Environmentally friendly cabinet hardware

Spectra Décor LLC - Environmentally friendly, contemporary cabinet hardware, door pulls and tile made from recycled glass, cork and eco-resin.


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Serena stone cabinet knobs and drawer pulls
Serena Sea Stones - Cabinet knobs and drawer pulls. Bring the natural and calming presence of the ocean to your home with cabinet and drawer knobs made from real sea stones. The Serena stone cabinet knobs and drawer pulls are made with ocean-smoothed stones, hand-gathered in New England, securely mounted on solid stainless steel posts.
Aurora Glass - Drawer Pulls Made from 100% recycled glass. Clean, simple, functional design, these drawer pulls will add a special touch to your fine cabinetry. They're a beautiful addition to almost any style of cabinet and are available in a variety of rich colors for a complimentary match to your home decor. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes.




Capri cork products contribute to LEED credits

Capri Cork - Capri cork is dedicated to offering high quality surfaces, textures and coverings which are earth friendly, long lasting, easy to clean and good looking. All Capri products contribute to LEED credits, Habitus Cork (and under Habitus Cork put “Cork Mosaic is a renewable resource, literally recycled from the cork stopper industry’s byproduct and then fashioned into sheets of circular patterns. Cork Mosaic insulates and is water resistant, making it perfect for bathroom floors and walls, kitchens, children’s rooms, music rooms, libraries and dens. When Cork Mosaic is installed, it simultaneously infuses a bathroom with warmth and sophistication, transforming a living space into the haven we all seek.

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Globus Cork - 36 colors, 21 shapes and sizes, 21 pattern ideas - truly the most versatile cork flooring available. Durable, beautiful, affordable.

click here to read more about Globus Cork products on our Blog

APC Cork
APC Cork - One of the leading providers of cork in North America. APC Cork's, cork flooring has become very popular with home owners and commercial clients. It provides a look that is unique an environmentally safe alternate to other flooring products.
APC Cork's, cork flooring uses the material extracted from the bark of the cork oak tree, which only grows in the forests of Mediterranean countries. Its safe for the earth and your home




Marmoleum A natural linoleum floor covering Marmoleum - A natural linoleum floor covering made exclusively from natural raw materials. Extremely durable, Marmoleum has an extended choice of colors and designs and a Topshield finish to reduce the need for cleaning and maintenance. An optimal flooring choice for home, office, schools and government buildings.
Re-Tire recycled rubber flooring Re-Tire - The ‘Re’ in Re-Tire is the recycled content of both post-consumer and post-industrial waste used in various proportions in the Re-Tire color lines. The ‘Tire’ is SBR synthetic rubber made from old tire scrap. The Re-tire collection from Capri includes Kaleidoscope, Shades of Black, and The Basics, offered in rolls and tiles, in 4, 6 and 9mm. Re-tire, which contributes to LEED credits, offers a fresh new look to recycled rubber flooring.
Decoria Luxury Vinyl Wood Planks and Tiles Decoria - Decoria Luxury Recycled Vinyl Wood Planks and Tiles. Slip resistant vinyl tiles and planks that replicate traditional floor designs like fine grain wood, marble and granite.
Flotex by Forbo Green Flooring Flotex by Forbo - This remarkable flocked material which comes from the same sustainably engineered and managed factories of Forbo. This low-emitting product comes in a tiles and sheeting in a wide range of styles and colors, and is stain resistant, 100% water proof, slip resistant, highly durable, antimicrobial, low-maintenance, washable, can be flooded out and reinstalled, and is affordably priced for both commercial and residential applications. Think wet basements, high traffic mud rooms and laundry rooms, office spaces, health care facilities, and schools. The materials can be returned at the end of their life to Forbo for the carpet recovery program, and have an FSC paper mix component.




EcoTimber - Beautiful wood and bamboo flooring. Since 1992, EcoTimber has been the only flooring company devoted to forest protection and healthy homes. You can trust that an EcoTimber floor, no matter which one you choose, meets the very highest environmental standards.

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Mirage Floors Mirage Floors - Selecting hardwood flooring is an environmentally friendly decision. When it's
Mirage, it's also a responsible choice that can last a lifetime. Mirage is FSC and PEFC-certified. That means they come from certified producers committed to meeting healthy forestry management standards. Mirage recycles 100% of the wood waste generated in the manufacture of our floors. All finishes are VOCs [Volatile Organic Compound] - FREE and do not release formaldehyde into the environment.
EcoFusion EcoFusion Wood FlooringEcoFusion - An exceptional collection of bamboo and wood flooring in a sophisticated range of patterns and colors from deep walnuts to sandy tones. Warranted finish will wear beautifully for decades and can be refinished when needed.
Plyboo bamboo for flooring, wall treatments and countertops Plyboo - Durable, laminated, kiln dried bamboo versatile enough to be used for flooring, wall treatments and countertops. Along with bamboo, the Plyboo company offers their newest contender, palm flooring and plywood made from the hard, dark palm of coconut palms. Whether choosing solid strips, veneer, squared, or plywood, either option is versatile enough to add interest to any project.
Green Choice’s Strand Woven bamboo products Green Choice - Green Choice’s Strand Woven products are made by taking strips and strands of bamboo and weaving them together, then compressing them under intense pressure and heat resulting in one of the hardest and most stable flooring products on the market today.
increase LEED with Bettencourt Wood EcoSupply Center - offers turn-key solutions to architects and developers looking to increase LEED, and provides an affordable and accessible source for raw, cut or finished goods for homeowners.

Kirei - Kirei Board is a strong, lightweight, durable, environmentally friendly substitute for wood - usable in furniture, cabinetry, casework, and interior design elements. Manufactured from reclaimed sorghum straw and no-added formaldehyde adhesive, Kirei board brings a beautiful new element to modern interior design. Kirei Board is a composite panel board manufactured from reclaimed stalks of the sorghum plant, poplar wood bonding layers and KR Bond, an adhesive that emits no formaldehyde. Strong, lightweight and environmentally friendly, Kirei Board has been in use for wall covering, cabinetry, furniture, flooring and other decorative and finished products since 1995.Kirei design elements can help your projects gain LEED credit for environmentally friendly construction.

Pioneer Millworks salvaged and reclaimed antique woods
Reclaimed Wood Flooring - salvaged and reclaimed antique woods recovered from old industrial buildings or selected from FSC certified forests. 100% manufactured in the USA.
Model Hardwoods wood flooring sustainable forest management

Model Hardwoods - Model Hardwood Inc. specializes in the production of pre-finished hardwood flooring. Encouraging and endorsing sustainable forest management, Model A  has implemented a series of measures to optimize use of raw material, ensure renewal of forest resources and protect other natural resources. 

Tesoro Woods Tesoro Woods - Aggregates all their wood flooring offerings with special ecological properties under the Tesoro Woods brand Eco Timber. With a heritage as the pioneer in support of sustainable forestry, EcoTimber is the vehicle which brings Tesoro Woods offerings to market. An EcoTimber floor is more than beautiful wood, cork or bamboo. Since 1992, EcoTimber has been the only flooring company devoted to forest protection and healthy homes. You can trust that an EcoTimber floor, no matter which one you choose, meets the very highest environmental and quality standards.




Onix Mosaics - A line of recycled Spanish glass mosaic tiles. Onix has 98% recycled content. Its manufactured from Windshield glass and 2% pigment.

LEA Progetto - A glazed ceramic wall tile that has 40% recycled content. A contemporary series from Italy is available in a multitude of solid colors in the standard line, including matte finishes in neutral, medium and dark shades, and gloss finish accent colors. Great for shower surrounds and bath walls, kitchen backsplashes and wherever a decorative element is needed.
Fireclay Tile

Fireclay - Fireclay Tile uses recycled materials and sustainable manufacturing practices. They make the highest quality, most durable and aesthetic hand-made ceramic materials using “old world” methods that are unique, affordable, and “green.” Based in San Jose, CA, the majority of their products are manufactured in the United States. Fireclay Tile manufactures decorative tiles and architectural details, along with a full line of field and trim tiles. Tiles are hand-molded from extruded clays using recycled materials, unprocessed stoneware clays, and minerals, giving their products a truly natural look with lifelong durability.

TerraGreen Tile TerraGreen - From the porcelain look of Terra Traffic, the contemporary styling of Terra Elements, or the richness of Terra Metallics, Terra Green is much more than a recycled content tile - it's a style statement.
Crush - recycled glass tile Crush - Crush offers a 100% recycled glass tile in a large variety of colors and sizes. Our glass can compliment or create a room. The artistry of glass tile can be used to bring any design to life. Accentuate with their mosaics or focus your interior on their subtle colors and translucent beauty. Your options are limitless!
Crossville Echo Recylced Glass Tiles

Echo Recycled - Crafted by artisans using centuries-old techniques, Echo Recycled Glass captures, refracts, and bends light in a manner reminiscent of sunlight playing on water. Its luminous color palette comprises 15 luxuriant shades.

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Crossville Color Blox Tiles Crossville Color Blox - Color Blox Porcelain Stone® tile celebrates the infinite possibilities of color. Color Blox combines a fresh yet sophisticated palette of 20 colors with subtle variations in shading and a smooth, minimalist texture. The result is a visually dynamic material that instantly sparks the imagination. With its extensive selection of colors, each of which coordinates with at least two to three other colors, Color Blox offers the versatility to create uniquely colorful spaces.
Crossville Eco Realistic Stone Tiles Crossville Eco - EcoCycle is a realistic stone look that exudes a feeling of warmth and rustic elegance. Designers seeking an eco-friendly tile no longer have to sacrifice aesthetic appeal; with eight rich, earth-toned colors, EcoCycle is beautifully at home in any environment.
EcoGlass Tile EcoGlass Tile - Glass is an almost perfectly sustainable material. It is manufactured primarily from sand, one of our most easily obtainable and abundant resources. It emits no harmful chemicals, doesn't absorb toxins and can be used in many different applications.EcoGlass offers new colors, matte finishes and is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications.  Use as an accent or create a dramatic wall surface.  Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and tiled fireplace surrounds.
Florida Tile
Florida Tile - Florida Tile products are one of the greatest values in the industry. Their reputation is built on providing reasonably priced, design rich products to the tile market. Florida Tile products come directly from the earth. Because of this, we are particularly aware of our responsibility to help preserve the beauty and health of our planet and all its natural resources. A multitude of murals, inserts and moldings offer unlimited decorative potential - in colors that go from bold and bright to soft and subtle. Whatever your personality, whatever your taste, Florida Tile accent tiles are the perfect choice.
Ragno Calabria Ragno Calabria - Glazed Porcelain Tile Three-dimensional textures on structured surfaces combine with the regal shading and clefting of natural slate in large-format, ink jet created square and rectangular modules. Calabria's rich color combinations and muddled effects create myriad distinct faces on each color. Well suited for commercial and residential venues, the recycled content contributes to LEED credits and healthy environments.
Milstone Volcano Milstone Volcano - Lava and Ceramic tile in Mosaic, Brick (Subway), and Brick Mosaic, the many colored and textured tiles have a unique look and are a perfect addition to traditional and contemporary homes.
Florim Afrika Florim Afrika and Florim Natural Selections - Florim is an Italian marble tile manufactured in the US with provides substantial color and texture variation to enhance any home or office. With recycled content this porcelain tile line can contribute to LEED points, has high traffic durability and comes in many sizes and colorways.




Earth Weave Carpet Mills, Inc. Earthweave - Earth Weave Carpet Mills, Inc. is in business to manufacture and promote renewable resource floor covering products for the 21st Century. Our commitment lies not in recycling petrochemical products, but rather in taking advantage of the ultimate manufacturer; Mother Nature and her renewable natural resources. Using Mother Nature's vast renewable resources, Earth Weave will manufacture innovative, high quality floor coverings for both residential and light commercial applications.
FLOR products recycle and all have the lowest VOC

InterfaceFLOR - InterfaceFLOR’s face constructions are nylon, others are natural fibers like hemp or wool. The backings are a composite, made up of some recycled materials. All InterfaceFLOR products recycle and all have the lowest VOC (new carpet smell) in the industry. InterfaceFLOR tiles can also be recycled and made into new tiles!

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Nature's Carpet is made of 100% wool

Nature's Carpet - Nature's Carpet is made of 100% wool, a rapidly renewable resource. The backing is made of jute, a natural fiber, held in place with natural rubber latex. The result is an ultra-low toxicity floor covering which actually improves indoor air quality for your health and comfort. Offered in natural wool hues or vegetable dyes.

Design Materials Natural rugs made from an array of fibers

Design Materials, Inc. - Natural rugs made from an array of fibers including a Naturals collection made of sisal, reed (seagrass & mountaingrass), and woven into a distinctive array of textures, a Wool collection woven and tufted into unique styles and woven soft vinyl for high traffic resiliency.

click here to read more about Design Materials, Inc. products on our Blog

Momemi hand crafted wool rugs

Momemi - Hand crafted all wool rugs with styles ranging from traditional persian to contemporary. A style for every setting.

Natural Elements by Glen Eden Natural Elements - Inspired by the best nature has to offer, Natural Elements is a collection of sisal, coir, seagrass, mountaingrass, and wool carpents and rugs. The Natural Elements are perfect to beautify any room, naturally. Natural Elements is a Glen Eden Brand.




Poona Natural coir entryway flooring Poona - Natural coir entryway flooring, made of resilient coconut husks. Durable, resistant to insects and convenient for preventing entryway dirt from coming into the home.
Mat’s Inc. Entrance systems and matting solutionsmade from recycled materials Mat’s Inc. - Entrance systems and matting solutions for any commercial application, most made from recycled materials. Modular tiles, grills, and flooring are functional, aesthetic and environmentally-friendly crossing three lines of business: Entrance and Matting Systems, Sports Flooring and Contract Floor Covering.




Cisco Brothers/Basal Living - This collection is raw beauty with lifetime durability. Each piece is handcrafted to be 100% sustainable using FSC certified hardwoods; chemical free natural upholstery options such as jute webbing; biodegradable, non-toxic rubber latex foam cushion; natural organic certified cotton; a complete, sustainable, socially-responsible production from “seed to shelf.” Basal Collection caters to healthy, earth-sensitive choices with a high esteem for comfort and lovely design.

Cisco Brothers Fabrics - Naturals, organics, hemps, cottons, linens – a beautiful array of colors, textures, weaves and patterns in durable upholstery and drapery fabrics. With styles to suit any décor.

Chairs & Barstools - Simple, elegant, natural - comfortable

Europe to You Europe to You - Accent your home with unique antiques imported from Central Europe. These treasures are authentic one of kind pieces that will add just the right touch to make your house a home; warm and inviting with European flair. Culled from local markets, trade shows and antique auctions,  these hidden treasures are cleaned and refurbished until the perfect piece finds its way to you. Choose from antique glass bottles, wooden vessels or 19th century jugs to create a distinct and timeless look.




Correct Deck Correct Deck - Correct Building Products is the manufacturer of CorrectDeck, a composite decking material made from 60% recycled hardwood sawdust and 40% polypropylene.
AFM Safecoat - Sealers for Decking and Exterior Projects – A full range of exterior sealants and stains from wood decking to concrete masonry. Using natural mineral pigments instead of dyes and no formaldehyde or other toxic ingredients, this extensive collection gives you unprecedented versatility for coating a wide variety of surfaces with a strong, durable finish that has no offensive solvents, fumes or odors. Superior coloration and superior protection to seal in harmful toxins on surfaces that include wood, concrete, natural stone, stucco and tile grout.




Chicology product lines made from a host of natural materials

Chicology- Chicology’s goal is to present new innovations and ideas in window coverings by providing affordable pricing and a wide selection of exciting product lines made from a host of natural materials like fiber papers, bamboo and jute.

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Conrad Custom handwoven shades and window coverings Conrad - Custom hand woven shades and window coverings of natural grasses, reeds, and fibers to enhance residential and commercial interiors. Looking to the natural world for inspiration, Conrad draws from landscapes of infinite beauty and variety to create hand woven natural fiber shades, drapery, and other products of incomparable design and craftsmanship.




Partnering with contractors, architects & installers, 'g' can put you in touch with a window & door specialist or make recommendations on structural elements & millwork based on your project needs. Call us at 508-477-7988.
Ceiling Tiles – For drop ceiling installations fabricated from recycled soda bottles. The tiles are available in six styles simulating pressed tin ceiling panels and coffered ceilings in a sustainable material that will last a lifetime. Lightweight and easy to install.

Solarize Inflector Window Systems - Solarize Inflector Window Systems are brilliant see-through window coverings that save you Winter heating and Summer air-conditioning costs! The company manufactured these window systems to address an unfortunate fact: Windows are the weakest link in any building's energy performance.

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